Cathedral Cove cloudy

Explored at Last

I was super proud two weeks ago when my shot through the cave at Cathedral Cove was selected for the Explored page on Flickr for the day. I felt slightly hypocritical. I’ve complained that the Explored section is useless and impossible to get into for a few years. I used to love the ‘Recently Posted’ stream much more. But still … it was a thrill.

Photo trip to Antelope Canyon and Canyonlands National Park

A couple of weeks ago, I was going crazy stuck here in Colorado – 5 months now without leaving this highland desert. I decided I HAD to get out of town. I told John he could come with me or not, but I absolutely could not be here another weekend.* So, where do you go when you can’t afford to fly to California for the weekend, but NEED to go somewhere and want to shoot pictures? Well, I thought, why not Antelope Canyon.