Experimenting with detail crops

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Sometimes I walk away from a sunrise shot at a beach with about 60-150 shots. Sometimes 20-30 of the same composition. There are many reasons for this: 1) I want varied wave types, heights, etc to choose from, or 2) The light is changing rapidly – the color range of the light can be totally different in shot 1 and shot 15, to name some.Cove dawn detail

So when I choose my 1 or 2 absolute favorites from the composition, I often lament that I didn’t feature something I had loved in one of the other shots.

So tonight I thought I’d put one of those shots ‘to use’ and pick an area of the image that I particularly loved although the rest was not my top choice. In this detail crop, I particularly loved the colors of the cloud reflections on the wet sand. I love it!

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